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Embassies of the Republic of Uzupis can be supported through the PayPals of the Ambassadors

Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be supported through the PayPal <uzupis.fafministry11@gmail.com>



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  20 Responses to “Embassies”

  1. Greetings from Darwin Australia.
    Roman R

  2. […] ministérios, um exército com aproximadamente 11 soldados e até mesmo uma Embaixada no Brasil (veja aqui a lista completa de Embaixadas pelo mundo todo) e um Consulado em São Paulo. E a ideia de escolher […]

  3. […] has ambassadors all around the world. Apparently if you claim an expertise on a specific topic, Uzupio will make […]

  4. I have just returned to Ireland from a very enjoyable trip to Užupio Res Publik :-)

    • There several Ciarans O Murchu on FB :)\\
      Which one is you, sorry? MY FB is Thomas Chepaitis/

      Uzhupis Foreign minister

  5. I just returned to Warsaw from the great land of Užupis! Your wonderful society made a huge impression on me- please let me know if you are in need of an ambassador to New York (where I’m from)! Regards in solidarity!

    • Hi, Em
      Glad to hear of your impressions!
      There is a general ambassador to New York – h.E. Jonas Mekas, famous filmmaker, honorary citizen of Uzhupis
      But we need ambassadors or consuls to the districts/parts, liek Queens, Brooklyn or alike

      Write me, we’ll organize this
      Minister of foreign affairs
      Thomas Chepaitis

  6. Hello,
    I am from Moldova, I work in the Artico Center that promotes art, non-formal education and diversity among children and youth. Wondering how how are embassies created and how does this work. Looking foreword for your answer.

    • Hello, Alina,

      Sorry for late answer. It would be very interesting to establish diplomatic relations with Moldova. We have no ambassador there, only in Romania
      Let’s work on it. There are many artists and several art-centers in Uzhupis, so our diplomacy is exchanging exhibitions and other creative projects,

      Foreign minister

  7. Hello, my name is Gabriel, I’m Brazilian, please forgive me if there are grammar mistakes because my English is not fluent, I have a lot of interest in becoming a citizen of Uzupis, I tried to send the UZUPIME message through Telegram to Roby but unfortunately I can not , I am interested in becoming a citizen and going to live in Uzupis, I live in Brasilia, Capital of Brazil, I know that there is an ambassador in Brazil but in what I can help I am totally the deposition of Uzupis, I am looking for a place like Uzupis a lot Time, after all Brazil is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and for people who believe in freedom here is not a good place to live.
    I am at the disposal of the Govenro of Uzupis for any subject, I await return.
    Best regards; Gabriel Soares dos Santos
    Email: gabrielsds111@gmail.com

    • Hello, Gabriel,

      I hope our Ambassador in Munich Max Haarich had send you contacts of Uzhupis Amba in Brasil, H.E. Henry Krutzen,
      and you have planned your “in-consulization” I hope to visit Brasil in March April 2018

      Foreign minister

  8. We would like to represent the values and country of the uzupis government in the duchy of Brabant, including the cities of Brussels antwerp Eindhoven en den Bosch

    • It is possible.
      Please write me to [uzupis.fafministry11@gmail.com]

      Thomas Che
      Foreign minister

  9. Greetings from Glasgow. If you would like to establish diplomatic relations with the peoples of Scotland, I would be happy to represent the values and constitution of Uzhupis.

    Kind Regards and ‘Sláinte Mheath!’


    • Glad to hear from You, Karen

      Yes, I’d be happy to appoint You Ambassador to Glasgow.

      Please, write me to

      Foreign minister
      Thomas Chepaituis

  10. Hello and holiday greetings,

    I am Dr. Dr.hc Tyler Graf von Rebik.
    I would like the chance to serve as Honorary Consul and establish an Honorary Consulate in America, namely here in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I own a publishing company and I think I could benefit the Uzhupis nation.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Dr.hc Tyler Graf von Rebik

    • Glad to meet You, Dr.Tyler,

      I bless the Honorary Consulate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and propose You a Post of the Honorary Consul, and for a time being an Ambassador in Oklahoma with the right to propose more consuls around…

      Viva Tulsa and Uzupis

      I’d like to send You Credentials, the Flag, some Constitutions and other Uzupis staff by post.
      Any support for the Uzupis Foreign Affairs is appreciated (through PayPal or bank).

      F.e. Our Customs charge for a new flag around 40 $ , for the used one 20 $ .

      and Merry Christmas to You and Your kin!

      Thomas Chepaitis
      Foreign minister

  11. Hello,

    I’m Nicolas (french people living in Québec (Canada). Just Before to move in Québec in 2016, I visited Uzupis with my wife Ludivine and we fall in love with the Republic.

    I propose to serve as Honorary Consul in Québec City.



    • Hello, Nicolas,

      I will appoint You a Honorary Consul in Québec City.
      First we;ll hve to edit Your Credentials, I will send a draft by email.

      Thomas Chepaitis
      Foreign minister of Uzupis.

      Prorector of the Uzupis university

  12. Greetings from Malaysia,
    Having read and seen what Uzupis does, has given me a profound sense of being on an outlet for where art and culture can thrive.
    I for one would love to represent the republic as the cousul
    and ambassador in my country and do hope others will get to know this wonderful place.

    Dr. Gary

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