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Ambassador – H.E. Zane Elksnite


Zane lived in UZhupis for   ….  years, and calls it “her second motherland”

In 2007 she opened a babies’ toys and cloths shop Baroca, which later moved from Uzhupis Angel’s square to the St.Ann’s church.


Now Her Excellency resides in Geneva, preparing the exhibition of the Honourable Citizen of Uzhupis, also Ambassador (to Manhattan) Jonas Mekas



Balandžio 13 d. nusimato Užupio delegacijos vizitas į Rigą,(Kalnciema kvartals) kur bus inauguruoti keli ambasadoriai.

On April 13 Uzhupis delegation will visit Riga, where, in Kalnciema kvartals, we’d like to meet our Ambassadors and all who like Uzhupis


Applications currently accepted for Artist Residency in Mark Rothko’s Centre (in an old Czar’s fortification!), which is to open this year in Rothko’s birth city of Daugavpils, Latvia!

“Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Artist Residency will take place 6 – 26 September 2013.
The city of Daugavpils is known as the birth place of the world famous artist, founder of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko.

Daugavpils has hosted Mark Rothko plain-air’s annually since 2004 with artists from Armenia, the United States, Austria, Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Estonia, Italy, Russia, Great Britain, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, German and Latvia.
From 2013, the workshop will take on a new format of a residence.
Applications due on 20 June, 2013.”

You Latvian Ambassador of the Independent Artist Republic of Uzhupis



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  1. Have a nice day
    Dear colleague Ambassador of the Republic of Uzupis
    I’m sorry if my english is poor, I only speak Italian. This text was translated with Google translator.

    Last year I promoted an exchange of 200 Mailart among pupils (aged 9 to 16 years) of 4 schools in the town of Saronno with peers from 2 schools Uzupis / Vilnius. We have sent the envelopes in December and young Lithuanians have responded in the month of February, with their mailart.
    See movie
    This year we want to repeat , we would like to involve other young people of other City with Official Uzupio Embassies offices .
    The goal is to raise awareness among their the boys using the Mailart as a means to communicate. The painting on the envelope expresses the concept that want to communicate with their peers . The painting above the limit of the differences of languages.
    Our boys are already working on the second edition of the exchange. Our young people will be prepared to forward Mailart in the middle of the month of December; to gratify the boys , in November , I organize a public exhibition under the patronage of the Mayor of Saronno and UNICEF located in Saronno .
    So we’ll do with the mailart that we will receive from your kids .
    My dream is to do a large network among young people, as it is in the uzupian spirit.
    Can you contact the teachers of a school in your town ?
    Can you ask if they have the pleasure of participating in the exchange ?
    We have about 350 mailart and plan to split proportionally between the schools participating .
    In addition to the 2 schools of Vilnius / Uzupis we hope to be able to exchange with at least one of your City .
    So shall ye: some at 6 schools in Saronno, some to the other Cities.

    Let me know postal addresses of the schools, the total number of mailart you send in Saronno and the name of the contact person who adheres to the international project.
    I hope that this initiative will like it and you share.
    Thanks for your attention.

    Embassy of Uzupis headquarters Saronno – Italy
    Gian Paolo Terrone

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