Foreign Affairs Ministry


Foreign Affairs Ministry of Uzhupis Republic was created in 1999, short after declaring independence of Uzhupis. The first inaugurations took place on the terrace of Uzhupis Parliament-Cafe by the river Vilnelė. From the beginning it was clear that this Ministry differs a little from the Foreign Affairs of other countries: Ambassadors were appointed not only in the countries, but in the little cities and districts of the big cities, Kreuzberg and Prenzlau (Berlin) Antakalnis and Pavilnis (Vilnius), Monmartre and Quartier Latin (Paris). More so, Embassies were opened in Poetry, in the Wind, in Holograms, in Whistling on the Streets, etc., and, later on, in Emptiness, in Decision making, among Canadian cats, etc. If that was not enough, Foreign Minister appointed Ambassadors in the places which seem to remain in history only – Konigsberg, Galicia and Lodomeria, Great Skythia, and so on.

The Embassies are or would be represented on the website .
Author of the concept and the minister of Foreign Affairs since the very beginning is Uzhupis-based artist Thomas Chepaitis, who says: “I take all this seriously, but with humor, of course, because humor is a vital fluid of life. In some sense Ministry is my biggest happening or event, in which over 500 people are taking part now.”


Foreign Minister is a Member of the European Culture Parliament, so he, Ministry and the Ambassadors are also following the aims of the ECP, namely:

The belief of the “European Cultural Parliament” is that the European idea is based on a balance between respect for the diversity of cultures in Europe and cross-cultural tolerance and understanding.

The purpose of the “European Cultural Parliament” is to strengthen the role of cultural and artistic ideas in the debate on the future of Europe. The Parliament will stand for common values, cultural identity and diversity as well as tolerance and will promote bridge building with other cultures.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be supported through the PayPal <>

Embassies are supported through their PayPals or other means on the page of the Embassy.

Thank You for Friendship!

The sign of the Uzhupis Foreign Affairs Ministry is a Pelican, symbol of Giving, Caring, Sharing.

Credentials, Favors and Duties of the Uzhupis Ambassadors and Consuls

Uzhupis Ambassadors and Consuls have to pass a colorful procedure of inauguration, with accreditation to the President of Uzhupis. If it is possible, Ambassadors than are accrediting at the Court of the King or the President of the country of their destination. They also join a FB group of Diplomatic corpus Užupis Republic Ambassadors, and have to fill the page of the Embassy on this webiste. Here is an example of Ambassador’s Credentials:

 341 Primrose Hill (click and open)

The primary Duties of ambassadors are, of course, to represent Uzhupis Republic in their country, spread our Constitution, write articles, make ties for artistic exhibitions and events, visits of Uzhupis people to their country, and their citizens to Uzhupis. The big Task is to prepare opening of the Uzhupis Constitution plaque in their language on Paupio street and the same board in one of the Old Towns of their country.

Ambassadors get a right to lecture and study in Uzhupis University (it’s a life-long study) , and to share their worldview and lifestyle with us.

The Favors usually are an attention of mass-media (some Ambassadors get up to 10 articles and TV screenings on their Inauguration in their local press), also, if they pursue a good diplomacy – a place at the Court of their King. An example of good diplomacy is the Embassy in Saronno.

(to be continued)

Consuls are suggested by Ambassadors, and play the minor or honorable role. Among them can be the Rest in Peace Honourable Consuls (f.e. Oscar Milosz, poet and diplomat) was appointed the one for Belgium. Consul’s document looks like this:

45 Denmark (click and open)

 The Highest diplomatic Award – ordain of the Silver Garlic Bullet

There were 7 chevaliers of this order – on Dec. 27 2013 their number grew to 15. In 2015 inaugurations were cancelled, but in 2017 doubled. For the first time a Small Silver Garlic Bullet have been introduced. So now the Club of the chevaliers embrace 33 Ambassadors

A new inauguration is coming in Nov. 2020. 7 nominents are already announced. Middle Silver Garlic Bullet has been introduced.

A list of chevaliers:

Thomas Chepaitis (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to Easter Island) Thrice an a half chevalier of SGB 2011, 2013, 2017, 2019

Vygantas Vėjas one and 2/3 chevalier (Ambassador to Paradise) 2011, 2019

Hinrich Peters (Ambassador to Saxonia and Bookbinding) 2011

George Igna (Ambassador to Romania) 2011

Great Scythia and Dmitry Makarov (Ambassador to Great Scythia) 2011

Alfredas Marushka one and 1/3 chevalier (Ambassador to Esperanto and Kazimierz) 2011, 2019

Steve Thompson (Ambassador to Teesside and Digital Inclusions) 2013

Ulf Hallan (Ambassador among Wolves and to Northern Norway) twice chevalier 2013, 2017

Annika Grishakov (Ambassador to Estonia) one and a half chevalier 2013, 2017

Marius Abramavichius  Twice chevalier (Ambassador to Iran) 2013, 2019

Rūta Norkutė (Ambassador to Tibet) 2013

† 2017 Mirko Sennewald (Ambassador to Surviving) 2013

Gianpaolo Terrone  (Ambassador to Saronno) 2013

Hailji (Ambassador to South Korea) 2013

Embassy in Saronno 2015

Fedir Alexandrovich Twice chevalier (Culture Attache > Ambassador to Ukraine) 2015, 2019

Andreas Rodenbeck (Ambassador General to Deutchland) 2015

Sakalas Gorodeckis (premiere, Ambassador to Vilnius) 2015

Zane Elksnite (Ambassador to Latvia) 2015

Sergei Teterin (Ambassador to Velikaya Perm) 2015

Vladimir Hanan (Ambassador to Jerusalem) 2015

Andrei Antonau (Ambassador to Belarus) 2015

Andrei Slavucky (Ambassador to Crimea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somali) 2015

Algimantas Ramanauskas (Embassy in Klaipeda) and Egle Jakshyte  (one and 1/3 chevalier) (Embassy in Cambridge) 2015, 2019

Mura Ura (Ambassador to Chernigov) 2017

Max Haarish – One and 2/3 chevalier (Ambassador to Munich) 2017, 2019

Alan Dearling (Ambassador to English-Scottish border) 2017

Jordana Gonzales Jonkus (Ambassador to Costa Richa) 2017

Vitaly Asovskij (Ambassador to Body Building) 2017

Vladimir Hanan Babinsky (Israel) 2017

Juhani Ihanus (Helsinki and Beyond) 2017

Lena Tonkacheva (Ambassador on Lithuanian-Belarussian border) 2017

Bard Sjowoll (ambassador to Aurora Borealis) 2017

Žydrūnas Bielinis (Ambassador to the World’s Buffets) 2017

Nils Hallan (Ambassador to Nirvana) 2019

David Lipgens – 2/3 (Aachen and Friendly communities) 2019

Riza Yaman 1/3 (Fethiyes and Telmessos) 2019

Jokūbas Vilius Turas 1/3 (Cammino di Santyago) 2019

Erika Drungytė 2/3 (Kaunas) 2019

Natan Karczmar (Clermont-Ferrand, Yaffo and Ubiquity)

William Adan Pahl 2/3  (Michigan) 2019

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  112 Responses to “Foreign Affairs Ministry”

  1. Foreign Affairs Ministry of Uzhupis Republic was created in 1999, short after declaring independence of Uzhupis. The first inaugurations took place on the terrace of Uzhupis Parliament-Cafe by the river Vilnelė. From the beginning it was clear that this Ministry differs a little from the Forign Affairs of other countries: Ambassadors were appointed not only in the countries, but in the little cities and districts of the big cities, Kreuzberg and Prenzlau (Berlin) Antakalnis and Pavilnis (Vilnius), Monmartre and Quartier Latin (Paris). More so, Embassies were opened in Poetry, in the Wind, in Holograms, in Whistling on the Streets, etc., and, later on, in Emptiness, in Decision making, among Canadian cats, etc. If that was not enough, Foreign Minister appointed Ambassadors in the places which seem to remain in history only – Konigsberg, Galicia and Lodomeria, Great Skythia, and so on.

    The Embassies are or would be represented on the website .
    Author of the concept and the minister of Foreign Affairs since the very beginning is Uzhupis-based artist Thomas Chepaitis, who says: “I take all this seriously, but with humor, of course, because humor is a vital fluid of life. In some sense Ministry is my biggest happening or event, in which over 325 people are taking part now.”

  2. i need to immigration to uzupis

  3. i am pharmacist can i find job uzupis

    • There are 2 farmacies and 1 Ecodrugs shop in Uzhupis, I can connect you,
      maybe you can provide them some medicine?

      Foreign minister

  4. Dear,
    I have a book to write micro-nations in the world.
    The most special micronations I would like to explain extensively in my book.
    My eye fell on your micronation that it is so unique to me relative to other micronations.

    Could you perhaps give me more information about your micronation?
    So I can use this info for my book.
    Like I’m sure I use the correct info about your micronation hence this direct question to you. On the Internet, the information is not always reliable and accurate.

    Please send me more information about the following issues:
    The genesis,
    Any land claims
    The purpose of the micro nation
    Has its own currency
    Is there a personal anthem
    There own stamps
    Is it possible to acquire citizenship?
    Has its own flag?
    There are pictures available of your micronations

    It may be possible to send me examples or by mail?

    The entry of your micronation in my book can only have positive consequences for you.
    I want to clear just bring a positive image about your micronation.
    It can only only give more recognition.

    The purpose of my book is to myself and others to provide an insight into the world of micronations.
    My intention is not at all in order to create a sensation book

    Hopefully you and wants to help me.

    Yuri Huyskens

    • Hello, Joeri

      The genesis – in 1997 artists residing in the Uzhupis district of the Old Town of Vilnius declared independence
      Any land claims – territory in Antarctis, provided by the Micronation Community
      The purpose of the micro nation – to find other way of life, than the ways of the “world”
      Has its own currency – from 2002 it is EuroUzh, equal to the price of beer in our Parliament -cafe. Now 1 EuroUZh = 2,20 Euro
      Is there a personal anthem – yes, composed by ex-President Romas Lileikis. Listen here
      There own stamps – yes 1_ joined stamps of LostIsland / Uzhupis 2_stamps issued by Uzhupis Embassy in Saronno 3_ stamp dedicated to the Esperanto congress 4_ first block of 8 stamps with various Uzhupis realities
      Is it possible to acquire citizenship? – up to now only several people were provided passports, but you can become a consul or even an Ambassador
      Has its own flag? – Yes, it is a Hand with a Hole in it’s palm. It means Friendship, and the Hole means that everything else passes.
      There are pictures available of your micronations – there is a lot on wikipedia – Uzupis Republic

      There is a good book about world’s micronations in French, “Sur les routes des Utopies” by Cristophe Cousin, Artaud, 2006

      Foreign minister

  5. I would like to be appointed as ‘Ambassador’ to Ireland :-) ..?

    • Hi, Ciaran,

      to be ambassador to the whole Ireland is a lot of obligation, besides there is one, living in Vilnius, Mr.jennings.
      Maybe you’d like to be a consul for some city? What is your occupation, interests?

      Uzhupis foreign minister

  6. Hello, I am a freelance writer and I will visit Vilnius in October. I would like to meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs for a conversation and interview, to use this to promote Uzupis in the United Kingdom. Is it possible to arrange this? Do you have an email address I can contact? Thank you.

    • Sorry, Emily

      I missed You. All October I was on voyages as a Foreign Minister (been in Cambridge among other) and as a member of ECP.
      Can we do the interview in letters? I’ll write you now.

      Minister of foreign affairs
      Thomas Chepaitis

  7. Dear President,
    I’m living in Ankara (Capital of Turkey) and I want to be your honorary ambassador or consul.
    yours sincerely.

    • Dear Murat,

      please specify, where you want to e ambassador or Consul.
      In our foreign politic we put emphasis on ties with districts, which have specific character. Is there such in Ankara?

      Write me, we’ll discuss this
      Minister of foreign affairs
      Thomas Chepaitis

  8. What is required to be a consul for Užupis? I work as a space engineer and I’m interested in photography and travelling. I’m based in Preston, England. I also occasionally live in Tallinn too.

    • Hi, Mark,

      To be ambassador or consul you have first to state where you want to represent Uzhupis. F.e. we have no ambassador in Space enginery (and we have a poetic imaginary cosmodrom though :) Or in Preston, depends do You like/love this place/occupation. Write me here, we’ll discuss this,

      Write me, we’ll organize this
      Minister of foreign affairs
      Thomas Chepaitis

  9. Hi Thomas,

    in 2104 I visited Uzhupis and was deeply impressed.

    I would love to be ambassador for Uzhupis Republic in Munich, Germany. I am the Communication Manager of Germany’s leading Center for Innovation and Business Creation. My colleagues and our start-ups are pushing the boundaries of technological progress every day. Our explorative enthusiam lets us sometimes forget about the societal impact of our work. I would love to support people in finding orientation by representing your values here.


  10. Dear Thomas,

    did you recieve my last message/comment? I would love to represent your beautiful republic and its constitutional values as the ambassador of Munich in Germany…and maybe also as the ambassador of blowballs, my favourite plant.

    What do I need to do?

    Best regards

    • Hello, Max,

      Yes You can be Ambassador of UZhupis in Munich and blowballs, let’s discuss what we can do together.
      From my side – as a creative thinker – I would like to know how we can use IT in positive way in art and community living.

      You can write me to

      Thomas Chepaitis Foreign minister

  11. Hello Thomas,

    thank you very much!!! The constitution is already hanging in front of my office. What will be the next steps? Can you send me your Email-Adress? We have a lot of people working here on positive ways to use IT for arts and community living. We are just now planning our new building inside of the Munich Kreativquartier and we are dealing exactly with your questions. I would be very happy to exchange ideas with you!!!

    Best regards

    • Hi, Max,

      write me to this e-mail , and we’ll discuss all these ideas.
      It’s very important to discuss how art should interact with IT, gentrification and marketing in community living.

      ON April 1-st we have our national day, many ambassadors of Uzhupis are coming. How about you?


  12. Hello Thomas,

    yes, I will arrive in Užupis either Thursday or Friday :) Can you recommend a cheap place to stay? And how can I find/contact you when I am there?

    Best regards

  13. Does the Republic of Uzupis have an Ambassador to Alaska? Or how about the Chugach Mountains? I am a poet of Lithuanian extraction–grandparents emigrated at the turn of the 20th century–living and writing from the foothills of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains. This year, the first year of the Trump Presidency, I have chosen to spend my birthday, which is April 1, in the Republic of Uzupis. Perhaps I will meet you in the course of today’s festivities.

    • Hi, Maryte,

      have You been in Uzhupis on April 1-st?
      Of course You can represent us in the Chugach mountains, this is great!


    • So, did we met, Maryte?
      It was two years ago, how Your life flowed after?


  14. Dear Thomas.

    I want to know how I need to do to be a citizen of Uzhupis Republic, Or how to collaborate from Argentina.

    • Dear Hernan,

      If You live in Patagonia, there is an Uzhupis Embassy there. We do not give citizenship now, but You can become a Consul in your city.,


      Foreign minister

    • sorry, herman,

      so much time passed, and letter was unanswered… Let’s discuss farther,


  15. Dear Thomas
    My sweetheart agreed to become my wife, if i get Uzhupis citizenship.
    Is there any way to do it?
    To say more, I visited your beautiful country about a month ago.
    And here is the result))
    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Max,

      a good result, indeed!
      I can send you a Certificate of Presence, but I need Your fool name, date/place of birth and the date of visiting Uzhupis for this purpose.

      Foreign Ministry of Uzhupis

  16. Здравствуйте! Уважаемый господин министр! Я давно испытываю теплые чувства к вашей стране,но решился написать только сейчас. Я хотел бы приехать в вашу страну и стать вашим подданным. Открыть свой бизнес у вас и стать вашим подданым,как я могбы удостоиться этой чести. Благодарю вас заранее за ответ с Уважением Умид Фазылов из Ташкента!

    • Privetstvuju, dorogoj Umid.

      A chem vy zanimajetesj, jesli ne sekret? U nas malo kontaktov s Uzbekistanom…

      Ministr inostrannyh del Uzupisa

  17. Hello, my name is Gabriel, I am Brazilian and I live in the Brazilian capital, and I have the ineresse of being a Consul of Brasília (Federal District)

  18. Hello, Thomas!
    My name is Natalia. I live in Izhevsk, Russia and work in library. I would like to be an Ambassador in Libraries. Is that possible? What should I do for that?
    Best regards

    • Hi, Natalia,

      Thank you, we have an Ambassador in Libraries, Birute Railiene, working in the Science Academy library.
      But you can start a common project with her and me.

      And – you can be an Ambassador in Izhevsk, we have no diplomat there.


  19. I would like to appoint someone as an embassador, how can I proceed?

    • Are you an Uzhupis ambassador yourself, Debora?
      If you are, you can appoint consuls.

      To become an ambassador, you should be appointed by Uzhupis Foreign minister.

  20. Thomas, thanks for the answer. Me and my сolleagues-librarians are ready to start commont project with you and Birute Railiene. And of course, I am ready to be an Ambassador of Izhevsk. How can we do that? My e-mail adress is

  21. Dear Minister!
    I see that you don’t have a consulate in Kharkiv, then I offer my services. I have a small art club in the old center of Kharkiv in Theater lane, which may be useful for a creative collaboration.
    Iurii Umanskyi

    • Дзякуе, Ігорь,

      В Харькове есть посол Ужуписа, художник Ольга? Малинкина, но ві можете стать атташє по культуре, например…

      А проекті давайте наметим, я к вам собираюсь, кстати.


  22. Dear Thomas,
    I would like to know if the EuroUzh or the previous currencies of Republic of Uzupis has or had a physical representation. So there is or there was a real coin or only its value is theoretical calculated? If exists, I would like to have one for my micronations coins collection, no matter the price. I am deeply grateful to you for using my private e-mail address to send an answer. Thank you so much. Cristian

    • Cristian,

      sorry for the late answer, there exist banknotes of Uzhupis Republic, which value is 1 EuroUzh = 3 Euro. It is aligned with the beer price, so it is growing :) Now there exist two emissions > of 2011. with the same number on all banknotes, and of 2019, with the separate numbers on banknotes, and premier\s signature. |I can send You both, you reward by Pay Pal.

      Foreign minister

  23. Greetings Minister Tomas Cepaitis!
    My name is Cassandra Jeanne Hamilton. I have just contacted Ambassador Max Haarich via fb. He let me know he can process me as a citizen, but if I wish to be an Ambassador (which I do), I am to contact you. And here, I am: contacting you! My application is for Color and Dream Ambassador. My Newfoundland Dog, Rosie, and two cats, Simon and Joe, also wish to be Ambassadors. Rosie states she would best serve as a Puppalini Ambassador, Joe feels he would best serve Dinner and Simon insists he be considered for Belly Rubs.

    I await your consideration in nail biting suspense. The animals are outside being dog and catz and, of course, are much more casual about such affairs as I’m assigned to typing.

    May your best dreams come true.

  24. Dear Uzhupis Foreign Minister,
    I have visited your amazing Republic for the first time today and very impressed by everything I have seen and heard. I fully agree with and enjoy each of the 41 Articles of the Constitution. But I am left with an important question. How can I become an Ambassador? To (the state of) Texas, to (city of) Houston, (the city of) Austin, to Avocado, or to Chopsticks would be my preferences if at all possible. Please help me help Uzhupis

    • Hi, Teddy!

      Thanks, we have no ambassadors to these places, so you can even take Texas. ))

      Please write me to []

  25. Hello :)
    I m wondering if you have a mirror writter ambassador? I think it would be something important to give access to your constitution to those living behind mirrors.
    I would be honored to help you in this way.
    Best regards .

    • Hamory,

      Absolutely yes!
      Wonderful destination.
      Please write me to []


  26. Hello Thomas,
    We have visited Užupis a few weeks ago and I was so touched by this amazing nation. I’d like to support by translating the constitution to Hebrew as well as accepting myself the duty of being ambassador in Jerusalem and/or ambassador to the fields of engineering and statistics.

    With great respect and a thrilled heart,

    • Hello, Guy,

      Constitition had been just translated to Hebrew, and we are arranging proposing it to Israel knesset as a gift, ’cause their life is pityful wiithout constitution:)

      And we have Ambassador in Jerusalem, poet Vladimir Hanaan Babinsky.
      But you can be Consul for one of the districts, it isvery valuable ’cause Uzhupis is also a district-Republic.

      And we need Ambassador in Statistics. Write me to


  27. Dear Thomas, (Minister for Foreign Affairs)

    I hope you are well. I am an Architecture student living and studying in Sheffield, England. I visited Uzupis in October and thought it was a brilliant and interesting place. I’m undertaking a year of study and creating architectural proposals for Uzupis and looking at ways how Uzupis can retain it’s unique character and identity.

    I wondered, could I become an ambassador of Architecture? Or of Sheffield? I noticed Great Britain already has an ambassador, which is a huge responsibility, however I could just look after the city of Sheffield? You are more than welcome to visit us on a ministerial visit any time and show you our work about Uzupis? Thank you, and could I ask if I can ask you some questions over email?

    Yours Sincerely,


  28. His Excellency (or should I say just “Thomas”),
    My name is Şemsi Burhanettin ALTAN, a Turkish citizen and professor in mechanical engineering. I am deeply interested in your country, it sounds like the perfect form of the post-modern society, almost an utopia.
    His excellency, before I organize my life and move to Užupis, I like to volunteer to represent your Contry in Turkey.

    I remain,

    Respectfully yours,
    Şemsi Burhanettin Altan

  29. To whom it may concern
    I am the king of the Kinogdom of Ladoland. You can get all of the information about Ladoland on the site below :
    I will be in Vilnius From May 2 to 5th, so if possible I would like to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister or someone from the Government in person. As Ladoland is a micronation itself it would be very interesting for me to be able to share experiences and talk about political relations.
    So if our meeting is possible please notify me.
    Thanks in advance
    King Lado VII the Great

  30. Hi, I’m a business management engineer living in Italy and i would like to immigrate to Uzupis repubblic. Can you help me?

  31. Dear Thomas, I live in Houston and I would love to represent your beautiful country in Texas and be embassador for Uzhupis Republic.

  32. Dear Thomas,

    I am utterly smitten with your constitution, your country and all that you are and do. I have yet to visit but I feel a visit is now in order.
    In the meantime, I would very much like to apply to become your Ambassador of Wonder. Is that a post that is still available? If you would prefer something slightly more specific, I would be eminently qualified to serve as the Ambassador for Magic Portals into Other Worlds. Or the Ambassador of Pronoia (the belief that the universe is secretly conspiring to shower you with blessings).
    I am based in London, live on a beautiful boat and make my living designing experiences that connect us to a state of wonder.
    I cannot help but feel that we might have an excellent chat over a cup of tea some time.
    Yours in awe, delight and gleeful anticipation.

    • Yes, Tiu,

      I am very pleased to nominate You as an Uzupis ambassador to Pronoia and Magic doors.
      Maybe Magic isn’t a right word, either Mystic… what You’d suggest?

      do You live on a barge on London canal? I always dreamt to study England from a barge…

      I can announce Your inauguration in Kiev on May 24=th, there would be a big Uzhupis event with a lot of mass media. And send You Credentials afterwards (need a post address).

      You can write me to

      Yours in delight and wonder,
      Foreign minister

    • Dear Tiu,

      It seems we did not finish our talk… :)


  33. Dear Mr President
    Having recently visited your wonderful Republic and sampled the fine beers. I would like to respectfully request to be an Ambassador to Yorkshire to serve as a Minister for Crime Prevention. I work as a Crime Reduction Officer with my local Police, problem solving, carrying out security assessments for vulnerable people and properties and working with several of our partner agencies.
    During my visit to your Republic, I was very impressed with the area and culture of not taking yourselves too seriously. This approach should be nurtured and expanded to all.
    It would be a great honour to receive a reply to my request.
    Kind regards
    Richard Thornton

    • Thanks,

      beers are really fine in our Republic, and You know, our currency, EuroUzh, is tied to the average price of beer, that is why it is so stabile.


    • Dear Richard,

      I am sorry, Your letter was sent a year ago. Ambassador in Yorkshire sounds good. Can we discuss that?

      Yours, Foreign minister Thomas Ch.

  34. I would like to become the ambassador to socks and sandals. Is this position available? Kind regards.

    • Sorry, William,

      I have not noticed Your letter, and a year passed…
      We used to have a feast of Throwing Socks into the River, May 14-th, I suppose.

      But we have no ambassador for Sandals, I swear.

      So let us proceed…

      Thomas Che, foreign minister

  35. Dear Thomas,
    I have been living in Paris for the last 4 years but I am from Calcutta, India. I will be visitng Uzhupis on April 1st next year. I see that you do not have an embassy in India. Maybe I can be your Ambassador for India. It was really cool to know that your constitution was recently translated in Hindi and Sanskrit.
    Cant wait to visit your country!

  36. Good afternoon,

    How can i become Chile’s embassador?

    • Hello, Joaquin

      Sorry for a late answer, do You still want to become an ambassador in Shiel or in some city of Chile?
      All me smth. about Yourself, please,
      Yours, Foreign minister Thomas Ch.

  37. Dear Minister,
    Today I have visited the Republic for the first time and am deeply impressed. I have, however, noticed, that although dogs and cats are granted rights in the Constitution, there is no embassy to them. That is troubling, because as intelligent beings they also need to have someone to communicate to.
    I am a dog person, and I would be deeply honored to become an ambassador to Dogs Home and Stray. I have no idea how I could help, but I would be glad to. Please contact me if you think this would be possible.

  38. Your Excellency,
    My name is Niels H. Johansen. I am the Danish Defence Attaché to Lithuania but since I live at Uzupio Gatve, I only find it natural to offer my services to you and the Republic of Uzhupis. I would be an honour.
    Is there a place and time where you could meet to discuss this important issue.
    Yours sincerely

  39. This is amazing what is the process, to become an ambassador, I am south African and like to be an ambassador, for a quaint town in the UAE.

  40. i am from Botswana and would like an invite to become an ambassador professor of Arabic and world religion.

  41. Minister of foreign affairs
    Thomas Chepaitis

    I living in Fethiye Turkey
    I am interested in eggshells, wood carving art and music
    I have personal exhibitions
    Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture eggshell art museum I am a member of the Advisory Board
    I reading Lithuanian history and language
    I’m reading about Republic of Uzupis
    I was very interested.
    I have reading and approved your Constitution
    Republic of Uzupis I want to be ambassador or Consul.
    Yours sincerely.

  42. Hello
    I’m an actor and director from Slovakia. My next project and hopefully life long project is to make a performance during which I will establish my own micro-nation. I see big inspiration in Uzupis, so I decided to visit Vilnius. I’m leaving Slovakia tomorrow night (25.7) planning to come to Vilnius on Friday and staying till Monday (29.7). Do you think it will be possible to meet you or somebody from Uzupis who I might to talk with? I’m sorry it’s so unexpected, but I had to do it like this due to my busy schedule. Please let me know if it’s possible.

    • Sorry, Andrej,

      I missed Your message because of vacation, so have You been in Vilnius / Uzhupis? How is Your micro nation and how can I help?
      There is an interesting “invisible” micro nation in Košice, Slovakia, and there is one bike traveller, who is a big fan of Uzhupis…

      Have a nice day,
      Foreign minister

  43. Hi there!
    I am a PhD in chemistry and a polyglot, learning many languages (I promise Lithuanian will be one of the next languages!). Is there any way for me the become an ambassador in one of the listed above areas? As a chemist, I’ll try and work on substances with some nomenclature relation to the Uzhupis state :)
    I’ve just returned to my home town from Vilnius/Uzhupis, fascinated by your place!
    Thanks for the consideration!

  44. Dear sir,

    Is that real?
    I have a great feelings that says it’s an artistic movement no more. I’m almost sure that no one of this republic has a formal passport.
    If that issue is real, I would like to come and see by my self.

    Many thanks for your attention in advance

    • Hello, Fadi,

      Yes this is a community movement and artistic movement and historical movement.
      We give visas to Uzhupis (for free). Also You can get an ID card,
      but it does not gives You much rights, f.e. to immigrate.
      The immigration rules are the same as to Lithuania, but we can help You to find an artistic milieu.
      And we value ideas and thoughts and moods, that would help us to built more peaceful world.

      Foreign minister

  45. You’d you plz tell me what is the steps to immigrate to your respectful country from Egypt ?

    • The steps are the same as to immigrate to Lithuania, which is Uzhupis “hosting country”.

      sincerely, Foreign minister

    • The steps are the same as to immigrate to Lithuania, which is Uzhupis “hosting country”.

      sincerely, Foreign minister

  46. Dear Minister
    I have visited your amazing country a few months ago, really impressed by the culture and constitution of Užupio Respublika. I am a Taiwanese photographer and I love to make new friends in different countries. I would like to respectfully request to be an Ambassador to Taiwan. Is the position still available? I’m looking forward to your reply.


  47. I am a singer guitarist who regularly morphs into a human jukebox. I like all types of beer and fruit but do not not eat cheese or sweet biscuits that have funny faces drawn on them. I love your constitution and would like to encourage my fellow UK musicians to adopt a lifestyle that endorses your principles. To this end I would like you to consider my application to represent your [hopefully soon our] glorious Uzupis, I think I would contribute marvellously as your London ambassador/consul

  48. I represent travelling Mice . A Mouse who has a desire to see as many places before dying because it’s not a dress rehearsal. Some people don’t like Mice but they have feelings too . I will tell everyone about Uzupio
    because it is good to share stuff .

  49. Can I live and work in your country? I am an artist and a writer living on an Island called West Mersea which is an hour northeast of London UK. I am looking for peace and a place to dream, paint and write. I’m Tony, I’m not wealthy and I’m 70-years-old.

    • Dear Tony,

      Glad to hear from You, and glad that You like Uzhupis.
      Of course You are welcome, but apartments cost here too… less than in London, of course.
      For a time being I can suggest You a place of Uzhupis Ambassador or Consul on Mersea Island.
      It is a very interesting place.
      Do You go yachting? In Uzhupis there are a lot of yachtsmen, I am yachting too on a lake and in a gulf.

      Thomas Chepaitis
      Foreign Minister of Uzh

  50. Hi Thomas,

    I’d like to represent Uzupis and its amazing culture and constitution in the land of Kiwi (New Zealand). I’m a NZ resident with Masters Degree in Computing where we can raise some awareness to kiwis about Uzupis and may be we could generate some tourism through !

    Please let me know what you think and how we can proceed ! waiting your feedback

  51. Your excellencies!
    Reading your Constitution awakened in me a longing to represent the Uzhupis way to my fellow citizens in the County of Mendocino, State of California, US. Mendocino County is a beautiful rural area populated by free thinkers, nature lovers and seekers of life’s mysteries. I personally am a psychologist, grower of fruit trees, and protector of native wildflowers. Please let me know if my service would be valuable to Uzhupis, and what to do next.
    With gratitude,

  52. Is it possible to become ambassador to an idea?


  53. Hello there. Currently writing a book on Uzupis. Requesting any information that may be useful to further this course. We can communicate via email. Thank you very much.

  54. Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs,
    I would like to become the ambassador to Gdańsk as a city of Solidarity.Is it possible?
    Yours sincerely.

    • Hello, Kate

      It would be nice to appoint You ambassador in Gdansk. I spend one summer working there and in Gdynia.
      There was an Ambassador, Artur Matys, a publisher, but I haven’t heard from him for many years.
      So we can discuss this idea.

      Thomas Chepaitis

  55. Greetings. I would like to be the alcohol ambassador for Užupis. I have been in the restaurant industry my whole life and I love Mead and beer. I am also a very talented cocktail designer and I think Uzupis needs a national cocktail. It would be my great honor to design one. I live in western Washington State, in the USA (I didn’t vote for him). I love artists and I am constantly working on new art projects/ installations myself.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Wonderful, Michael!

      I can approve your ambbasadorship in Alkohol (or in Cocktails? – you are free to choose).

      And thank you for a beautiful suggestion of a National Cocktail. I will propose it to our pubs, mentioning your name if it’s possible.

      You can write me to and we will discuss it.

      Foreign Affairs minister

  56. Dear Ministry of FA,will be happy,and would like to be Honorary Representative,in Wellington,New Zealand,

  57. Dear Mr/Ms. Representative, My name is Demetrist Booker and I am a 15 year old teenager who lives in the Netherlands and is fascinated with your country. I would like to know about how you and your country is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and to know if I could receive a flag from your country. Thank you for your time and I would love to receive a response from you. Please take care and stay safe in these times.

    My Address is:
    Ravetsmaar 9, 6373AK Landgraaf, The Netherlands

    • Dear Demetrist,

      Yes I can send You a flag but not a new one. New costs around 20€ with shipping.

      Užupis Foreign Affairs minister

  58. I would like to send you a letter.
    Could you please give me your e-mail addresse ?

  59. Dear Minister Thomas Chepaitis,

    I hope you and the people of the Republic of Užupis are healthy in these times of uncertainty.

    I am currently starting my master’s research on Cultural Anthropology here in Amsterdam. I stumbled upon the topic of micronations and in particular the Republic of Užupis. I have been captivated by the amazing culture and artistic mindset that Užupis shares with the rest of the world through your extensive website.

    The Užupian cultural, social, and humanitarian values sound like heaven on earth.
    Thus, I would like to write about the Uzupian way of being themself and help spread the Uzupian perspective to the rest of the world.

    Hence, I was wondering if we could have a short interview these coming days to talk about what it means to be an Užupian. I would love to come and visit soon, but due to the current pandemic, I don’t have the current means to travel there.

    Kind regards,


  60. Dear Minister Thomas Chepaitis,

    I recently became aware of the Republic of Užupis through a television travel show. The Republic and your constitution have truly moved me. I am a Canadian retiree of Lithuanian descent. My mother’s family came to Canada in 1919, and my father’s side arrived in 1938. Some Lithuanian was spoken around the house when I was growing up, but being so far removed, I never felt a connection …until now.

    I have apparently been living (unknowingly) the lifestyle and the values of your Constitution my entire life. We now live in the wilderness, appreciating nature and respecting the natural environment. My wife and children have always been talented artists and musically inclined. We even have three dogs, a tiled roof, and I remember my name! Also, we have also created our own winter sport as you can see in the video link below.

    ATV Figure Skating – YouTube

    I am humbly requesting the opportunity to be your Ambassador to Eastern Ontario, Canada.
    Eastern Ontario is home to Canada’s capital of Ottawa and the Rideau Canal (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Our home is located in Lanark County, which is near Ottawa, and is known as the Maple Syrup capital of Ontario.

    Once travel is safer, my wife and I would definitely like to visit Lithuania and specifically Užupis, to rekindle our lost connection.

    Geriausi linkėjimai

    Frank Sodonis

    • Dear Frank,

      Let us discuss Your Ambassadorship in Eastern Ontario and Maple Syrup.
      Please write me to < >

      Yours Sincerely,
      Thomas Chepaitis
      Foreign minister of Uzupis

  61. Hello! I would like to foster connections between Uzupis and the state of Arizona! Specifically, would love to share unique culinary delights between our two regions and promote the fusion of spices, flavors and cultures. If this is possible, please let me know! Arizona is an amazing state that promotes independence, exploration, respect and a sense of connection with all people and with the land. I think this would be a fantastic alliance!

    • Hello, Allie,

      Culinaric connections are the best of all possible bridges!
      Let’s foster them

      Please write me to

      Yours Sincerely,
      Thomas Chepaitis
      Foreign minister of Uzupis

  62. Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to inform that. My full name is Soliman Maqboul Omar Goma. I am 56 years old.ihave 3 kids. I am from Yemen, as you know that my country is in civil ware since 2015. I hold bachelor of pharmacy from Romania and diploma of health management from Yemen. I am looking for a job in your country . Kindly help to get it and to send me more information about that.
    Best regards
    Soliman Goma

  63. Dear Minister Thomas,

    I am a Hong Konger who is now migrated to Singapore. I get to know about Uzupis through a HOng Kong TV program (Viu TV who helped you to open your locked door :p). I must say I am soooo impressed with everything about Uzupis (especially the constitution who is so in line with my belief) and I would love to immediately become your citizen.
    May I know if i could have the honour to be your ambassador in Singapore?
    Coming from a family full of artiste and an “crazy” educator myself, I would love to spread the spirit of Uzupis to as many as possible, especially in this difficult period.

    Please stay safe, healthy and smiley!
    Long live Uzupis! ❤️

    • Dear Hilda,

      very interesting poroposal. I know only one poetess in Singapore, Ilya.
      And I like crazy artistic families :)

      Let us discuss Your Ambassadorship in Singapore.
      Please write me to < >

      Yours Sincerely,
      Thomas Chepaitis
      Foreign minister of Uzupis

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