Nov 122012

 Ambassador H.E. Gianpaolo Terrone

for all uzupian friends around the world

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Ministerial visit April 2012


2012-04-14 14.15.35Jesus in the Saronno cemetery

da Mercoledì 13 a Giovedì 21 Marzo
sarò felicemente <assente dal mondo> ed <irrintracciabile> da qualsiasi mezzo di comunicazione. Vado in ritiro <spirituale>: è giunta l’ora di <pensare un po’ a me stesso>.
Per qualsiasi cosa “urgentissima” <contattatemi a partire dalle ore 12.00 di Venerdì 22>.
Mail Art project between the schools of Saronno and Užupis

Nov 122012

Consul H.E. Elena Mauri                                                                                                                                          


About Val Camonnica

Valcamonica, the most extensive of the Lombard valleys and no less renowned for its ancient military history, for its most honourable noble families, and men who were distinguished in letters, in arms, and public offices, and famed for the fertility of its soil; for the industry and commerce of its people…

—Agostino Caggioli – Storia di Valcamonica, 1853

Val Camonica (also Valcamonica or Camonica Valley, in camunian dialect Al Camònega, poetic Camunia) is one of the largest valleys of the central Alps, in eastern Lombardy, about 90 km long. It starts from the Tonale Pass, at 1883 metres above sea level and ends at Corna Trentapassi, in the comune of Pisogne, near Lake Iseo. It has an area of about 1,335 km2[1] and 118,323 inhabitants.[2]

It is traversed throughout its full length from the river Oglio, which begins in Ponte di Legno and terminates in lake Sebino between Pisogne and Costa Volpino.

Valle Camonica derives its name from the Latin Vallis Camunnorum, that means “the Valley of the Camunni“, the name by which the Romans called the inhabitants (today are called Camuni).

Almost all of the valley is included in the administrative territory of the province of Brescia, excluding Lovere, Rogno, Costa Volpino and the Val di Scalve,which are parts of the province of Bergamo.

Nov 122012

Ambassador H.E. Vytenis Drąsutis

Motto of Georgia: ძალა ერთობაშია
Dzala Ertobashia
(English: “Strength is in Unity”)

inauguration photos  (Lietuvos Rytas)  2005 m.

Consul for friendship with Georgian artists – Marius Abramavičius (also Ambassador in Iran)

Vytenis Drąsutis taip pat atliko Užupis charge d’affaires pareigas 2019 m. Liberlande, iš kur parsivežė vėliavą ir pledą, perduotus Užsienio reikalų ministrui. Už tai, ir už buvusius nuopelnus V.Drąsutis įvertintas 1-ojo laipsnio Sidabrinio Česnako kulkos ordinu.

Nov 122012

Ambassador H.E. Ilia Kitup

Born in 1964 in Russia, Ilia Kitup is a founding member of the Soviet comics fanzine, Kitup’s Own Propeller Comics. Kitup also writes poetry and prose, paints, and plays ska music. He lives in Berlin, and continues to promote alternative comics in Russia.


Bera Linna






About Ilya the Artist

Ilya Kitup 10.03.1964

Cocaine              Heroin
2006 ,90×75              2006 , 90×75

As can be seemed at first sight (especially if you look at pictures “Cocaine” and “Heroin”) Ilya Kitup just begins his art career. Such a teenager’s straightforwardness – I’m singing that I’m seeing. The drawn rap.

Actually Ilya arrived from Vilnius and he have already participated in exhibitions 1984, and between times have graduated from the Moscow State University at philological faculty. He also participated in exhibitions at Trehprudniy. So he is not a child.

What inspires – industry, techniques, urbanism, futurology, fantasy. Planes with the Arabian texts, barrels with oil, black roofs, yes there is a lot from everyday life, carried to an absurdity The most sincere slogans of the author seem as attempt to joke, and whether it is a joke – only Kitup knows it.

Mix of new wave and kitsch, banality and actuality, methods and plots of a caricature. Whether it concerns to graphity, (post) conceptualism, new wildness or something else, the author find difficulty in characterizing that – it is a business of critics.

Victoriya Samsonova


Nov 122012