Aug 222019

For many years Embassy of Uzhupis Republic had been run by His Excellency Jonas Mekas, Uzhupis Honorary citizen (2001), our inspirer and chevalier of the Silver Garlic ordain. From 2019 Embassy is run by H.E. Dalius Naujokaitis-Naujo

Jonas Mekas – Užupio Respublikos garbės pilietis, Sidabrinio Česnako kulkos ordino kavalierius (2015) .. // О Йонасе Мекасе > после в Мана Хатте (так называли Нью Йорк индейцы)

Last interview of Jonas Mekas 

Jono filmai IMDb bazėje

Aug 132019

Ambassador His Excellency David Lipgens

FB group of the Embassy

Communities around us Uzhupis, besides being an Independent Republic is also a community, a neighbourhood, a district of the Old Town of Vilnius. It differs from other districts by being divided by the river from three sides, so every place where local river makes a natural border of com munity can be called “uzhupis”. But this Embassy is also about virtual communities, about how to be a member of community without losing your identity, about the varieties of a communities in the world, and more. As a man, who values privacy, I can redirect you to the works of Hanna Arendt, who underlined a strict border between “private” and “public” In Uzhupis we understand this seriously, but sometimes do not know where the walls and doors are. So we can start a forum on Communities on this page, and ask our brave Ambassador for a guidance – on our national day he had shown a number of interesting exercises, dealing with private and collective shame, vigour, communication and so on. – Foreign minister

The Embassy – Current and Former Representatives

// H.E. Max Haarich
Embassy to Munich and Among Blowballs
/ H.C. Ruslan Goryanyy
Embassy to Munich and Among Blowballs
// H.E. Kamil Canım Erdem 
Embassy on Roofs of the Republic of Užupis

// H.E. Julia Kunigunde 
Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Linz and procrastination
H.C. Barefooted^2
Official witnesses to the Inauguration of the Embassy
H.C. Peter Maria Hinßen
Tabacci Consul
H.C. Jens Michel
H.C. Julemond Ilse Hebenstreit
Consul of Lohf

Honorary Citizin I.L.

Honorary Citizin M.Ø.

Honorary Citizin Aixfriend (Ambassador of Waffeltown)

Honorary Citizin S.D.

Honorary Citizin I.W.

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