News from Uzhupis


Ambassadors, appointed in 2019



in Aachen / Communities   David Lipgens

among Decent Dogs             Mera

among Hamsters / in

Chuvashija      Igorj Ulangin

Fehtiye / Telmessos     Rami 

Montenegro     Tomas Venclova (rotated from  Еmb. in Connecticut and Yale)









Minister of Foreign Affairs and painter Alexander Gushchenko would attend

Buntes Republic Neustadt in Dresden on June 11-16.2014

Thu, 12.6.

10-18 Symposium micronations ( Minister provides a lecture on micronations identity)

19: vernissages Stadtteilhaus and galerie neue osten (Kultur Aktiv) (vernissage of A.Gushchenko)

Fri – Sun, 13.-15.6.

Embassies at BRN

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