Jan 272013

Ambassador Aja Waalwijk (rotated from Embassy in Ruihoord)

Ambassador H.E. William Levy (January 10, 1939 – April 22, 2019)

inaugurated in 1998.  About His Excellency in Wikipedia

Dr.DooWoop. A film by Michiel Brongers

VIII-th conference on Open Cultural Spaces in ……….., Ruihoord,      September

Cabouters Parade

William Levy: Just back from two months wintering at Puerto Mogan on Gran Canaria, a red rock volcanic outcropping off the northwest coast of Africa. Brainsizzling sun and maniac blue skies everyday. A much needed health boastafter the debilitating illness of last year. And now,

the Amsterdam Embassy of Uzhupis is opened for business again!

The film about H.E. Ambassador “William Levy: Beyond Criticism” is a bio-pic from British director Malcolm Hart, premiered at London’s Portobello Film Festival in 2006 – been kicking around since then. Now it’s finally available on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy. Click link below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8u6vfBWpKk (Preview)

Kickstarter of a film about Uzhupis, Ladonia, Hay by Loulou Sjerps, from Amsterdam

  2 Responses to “Embassy Ambassade in Amsterdam”

  1. You miss an embassy in Madrid Spain!!
    So happy to know there is one Uzupi embassy in Amsterdam!!

    • Oh yes, Adriana,

      We need an Embassy in Madrid.
      Please contact me by e-mail

      Tomas Chepaitis y Trauberg
      Foreign minister

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