Feb 272013

Ambassador H.E. Abdullah Pekel

  3 Responses to “Embassy to Atana & Istanbul”

  1. Merhabalar.Ekşi sözlükte bu ülkeyle ilgili bilgileri okudum.Acaba Vatandaşlık almak için izlememiz gereken prosedür nelerdir ? İngilizce olarak da cevap verebilirsiniz.Teşekkürler.

    Hi.I read many information about this country on Ekşi Sözlük.Which procedures we should fallow to be citizenship of this country.You can answer turkish or in english.Thank you.

    • Moko hello, Serkan.

      Soon an IT robot version of acquiring immigration visa to Uzhupis will be available.
      Though, it is more an artistic, not a political project.

      Foreign minister of Uzhupis

  2. Hello,

    You can acquire citizenship through the page Embassy in Munich and among Blowballs on this website,
    Thomas Chepaitis
    Foreign minister

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