May 272013

Ambassador H.E.Ahmed Metwalli




ties with Bibliotheca Alexandrina 




president R.Lileikis film “Maat”, based on Egyptian story of the goddess of balance, justice etc. Maat.

  11 Responses to “Embassy in Egypt – السفارة في مصر”

  1. Dear Sir i want to make tour with my wife and my kids in Užupis and i did not have any information about visa or how or Were I get it
    iam Egyptian and I live in Egypt

  2. I’d like to go to Uzupis .what to do ?

  3. good day it is my pleasure to contact with you i am Mohamed from egypt and work as marine officer in merchant ships please i would like to ask if Uzupis has any marine activities such as shipping companies / merchant ships etc … because ti know about it

    • Uzhupis a very small state inside the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, which is 300 km from the Baltic sea.
      Uzhupis is surrounded by a river Vilnelė. We have a little children fleet, and a lot of canoes is passing Uzhupis by Vilnelė.

      Some Uzhupians have yachts on Baltic sea… So, alas, we cannot propose a work for the marine officer…

  4. Dear Sir
    it is too difficult to gent Shengen Visa from Egypt
    Are any another way for vist Uzhupis

  5. How to work and live in Užupis ?

    • working in Uzhupis is possible thorugh Lithuanian or/and Europen labour authorities.
      To live here you need a Shengen visa. Costs of rent of 2-rooms apartament is 300-400 EU / a month

      Maybe opening an Egyptian cafe is a good idea?

  6. Thank You Mr.Thomas for your quick reply we can keep on touch maybe something change in the future and your company start to establish works in maritime industry

  7. is there any airport in that country ?

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