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Н.Е.Dmitry (Aravak) Makarov is accredited as an Ambassador of the Independent Republic of Uzhupis to Scythia on 02.09.2010 in Uzhupis. See video from inauguration here 

Aravak is а true traveller who is committed to his duty to spread Uzhupis ideas amongst Scythian people and hundreds of friends of Scythia living in many countries.

Dmitri Makarov


Mission of the Embassy is to deepen the links between Scythia which lives in the heart of every Scythian and Uzhupis as the place which stays in the hеarts, in minds and dreams of those who ever vizited it.

The first traditional Scythian Circle was orginised in Uzhupis on 29 of August in 2011. Since thеn His Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Independent Republic of Uzhupis has become a Friend of Great Scythia which is an honour for Scythian people.

Scythians from many countries celebrated Uzhupis Independence Day on the 1st of April every year like their own national holiday Scythian New Year which is celebrated оn 21-st of March.

Scythia is the country without borders and territory which is located in the heart of every Scythian.

It unifies people on the basis of voluntarism and individual choice. It is a nation trying to revive and raise culture and customs of Scythia Magna. At the same time we consider Human Rights, careful treatment of nature and tolerance to be main values of our life. This is breaking racist and nationalist stereotypes, non-aggressive though very assured eliminating xenophobia and nationalism. And also, this is mutual help and support wherever scythians are. All this produces atmosphere not only of “new kind of ethnicity” but also of brotherhood and solidarity.

What is important for us, is that everybody could become Scythian. It is an inner choice of a human being to become Scythian. Ethnicity in the modern world is defined not by the color of one’s skin, eyes, hairs etc. and even not by place of birth, but rather by personal inner choice. It should not be just a game or a mask for some days, but it should be a real choice of own way, own place and own community.

Declaration of Scythian National Congress (in Rus)

Scythian Traditions (in Rus)

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twitter: @Scythia_Magna


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