May 082020

Ambassador H.E.Parisa Sabaghi سفیر پریسا صباغی           

Ms Sabaghi is also the translator of Užupis Constitution into farsi

coat of arms/flag

Isfahan (Persian: اصفهان, romanizedEsfahân [esfæˈhɒːn] (listen); also rendered as Ispahan) is a major city in the Central District of the Isfahan Province of Iran. It is located 440 kilometres (270 miles) south of Tehran and is the capital of Isfahan Province.[5] The city has a population of approximately 2,220,000,[6] making it the third-largest city in Iran, after Tehran and Mashhad, and the second-largest metropolitan area. In Ptolemy’s Geographia, it appears as Aspadana (Ἀσπαδανα), which translates to “place of gathering for the army”. It is believed that Spahān derived from spādānām “the armies”, the Old Persian plural of spāda, from which is derived spāh () ‘army’ and spahi (سپاهی, ‘soldier’, literally ‘of the army’) in Central Persian. Some of the other ancient names include Gey, Jey (old form Zi),[12] Park, and Judea.

Nickname: Nesf-e Jahān (Half of the World)