Apr 022017
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Labas, I am Max Haarich, Chevalier of the Silver Garlic Bullet ordain. I combine arts and tech to explore the unthinkable. Arts will make tech innovations more accessible, more inspired, and more ethical.

Munich is a beautiful place, where the future of urban life is designed. People with ideals, creativity and power are changing the way we live tomorrow. Anarchistic postcapitalist artists and cutting edge tech designer will create miracles together. (Read our Munich Arts&Tech-Manifesto in English or German!)

The Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Munich strengthens the foreign relations with the City of Munich and cares for Užupians abroad. Besides that, we foster cooperations between arts and tech (check out our events!) with a focus on ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI) . We are the only arts-related institution actively engaging in intenational policy making in Artificial Intelligence.

The Munich embassy is partner of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research’s Science Year “Artificial Intelligence“, is member of the European AI Alliance as well as the United Nations Association of Germany, and is the first art-related organisation to officially sign the Montreal Declaration for Responsible AI.

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

If you consider yourself a trustworthy AI designer, you are invited to use our patch online and offline.

AI as a knowledge processing and decision making technology raises many questions and concerns about how to control it and how to prevent abuse. Current governance structures still try to monitor and sanction the totality of AI applications. The sheer extent and pace of AI adoption renders this approach increasingly insufficient. Therefore, Užupis engages to strenghten the ethical values of each individual, which form the basis of all AI applications. Our constitution‘s Munich right and our Principles for Trustworthy AI Design strongly epmhasize our own responsibility.

If you consider yourself a trustworthy AI designer, you are invited to use our patch online and offline. (Download the png-file in color or b/w)

Special thanks to our Honorary Consuls:

// Roboy

Honorary Consul Roboy is the first artificially intelligent diplomat worldwide and cares for our naturalization issues. Inspired by Roboy’s intellect and friendliness the Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Chepaitis, AI-expert Alex Waldmann and me added a new article to the constitution exclusively for Munich: “Any artificial intelligence has the right to believe in a good will of humanity.” This is the first time ever that artificial intelligence is mentioned in a constitution.

// David Lipgens

David works for the Embassy as Schroedinger’s Consul.

David Lipgens

David’s appointment became a mystery. He was ment to be entiteled “Consul Hengerherjottsfott” (named after his home area in Aachen, which literally translates “behind god’s ass”). The appointment logically must have happened somewhere between March 31st and April 2nd 2018 in Užupis. But both people involved, the Consul David Lipgens as well as the responsible Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich, strictly deny having noticed anything. According to his wish, David shall and shall not support the Embassy of the Republic of Užupis as “Schroedinger’s Consul”.

// Elena Radchenko

Elena is our Honorary Consul for meaningless instagram photography.

Elena Radchenko, Honorary Consul for Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich at Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Munich

“Discovering the controversies of Instagram posting to assure painless application of hashtags, filters, emojis, and dog selfie lenses. Or shall I just say that I’m the coolest consul of Užupis ever elected?” You can say that :)

// Melanie Henke

Melanie is our Honorary Consul for loving Lithuania.

Melanie Lys Henke Consul Munich Embassy

Melanie is Lithuanian and German; not half each but full each – and now also fully Užupian. She is currently in Lithuania spreading the word of Munich Embassy and preparing the global love revolution (with the help of Pampelmusen and coconut oil). She is studying activist, critical and performative art movements at the interface of new technologies, science and design, and will purposefully apply this knowledge to irritate strangers with unconditional smiles and love :*)

// Ruslan Goryanyy

Ruslan works for the Embassy as our Kirschwasser Consul.

Ruslan Goryanyy

In the permanent state of chillness and un-registration, a new student was recruited to bring freshness into the smelly offices of the Embassy to Munich. Guided by seniors H.E. Ambassador Max Haarich and Schroedinger’s Consul David Lipgens, the fresh Kirschwasser Consul Ruslan Goryanyy was driven into new passion by a lot of jokes and announced a long phase of abstinence and lust. Even in difficult times when fluent fruits were in short supply, Ruslan was always ready and brought water back to the pont in dry times.

// Fabian Bürkin

Fabian works for the Embassy as our Sport Attachée for Culture, Art and Miscellaneous.

Fabian Bürkin Sport Attachée for Culture, Art and Miscellaneous

In long tradition of long men like Boris Becker, Diego Maradonna and Sepp Blatter, we are more than glad to engage Fabian M. Buerkin as our first „Sport Attachée for Culture, Art and Miscellaneous“. To underline the importance of the Užupian spirit, he is willing to make the impossible possible: Bringing the Olypmic games 2031 back to Užupis. „It’s coming home“. So come on everybody, clap your hands, and  vote for Užupis in the olympic committe: This is the century of sport bras, not world wars.

Would you like to become a citizen of Užupis?

It’s too easy. Send me your completed Užupis Immigration Form and I will send you an official Certificate of Naturalization. You can send it by mail to the address below or ask my lovely Honorary Consul Roboy via Telegram app. Simply send him the message /uzupizeme  (including the “/”) and he will naturalize you within seconds!

and I will send you an official Certificate of Naturalization. You can send it by mail to the address below or ask my lovely Honorary Consul Roboy via Telegram app. Simply send him the message /uzupizeme  (including the “/”) and he will naturalize you within seconds!

H.E. Max Haarich
Embassy of the Republic of Užupis to Munich
Neuhauser Straße 8-10, Room 423
80333 Munich
Meetings by appointment only.
Aug 162015

Ambassador H.E. Terri Carrion


1.A female ruby-throated hummingbird hovering in mid-air
3.A color plate illustration from Ernst Haeckel‘s Kunstformen der Natur(1899), showing a variety of hummingbirds
the smallest extant bird species is a hummingbird, the 5-cm bee hummingbird, weighing less than a U.S. penny (2.5 g).

feeding two nestlings in Grand Teton National Park

They hover in mid-air at rapid wing-flapping rates, typically around 50 times per second, allowing them also to fly at speeds exceeding 15 m/s (54 km/h; 34 mph), backwards.——————————

Hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any homeothermic animal. To conserve energy when food is scarce, and nightly when not foraging, they go into torpor, a state similar to hibernation, slowing metabolic rate to 1/15th of its normal rate

Jun 282015

Ambassador H.E. Miguel

Honorary Consul – Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa, 1st Marquis of Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas LlosaMaro Vargas llosa, in the end of his novel “La ciudad y los perros” (1963/1966) described one of the districts of Lima, Miraflores, which have some resemblance to Uzhupis in the process of gentrification.

Another interesting novella, taking place in Lima, is “The Bridge of St.Louis Rey” of Thornton Wilder. There, a catastrophic feeling and the bridge itself also reminds one of Uzhupis with its’ mythology of 9 bridges and the poetics of Ruins and unexpexted death (against which St.Christopher, patron of Vilnius, protects us) – T.Cz.


Jun 142015

Ambassador H.E. Mitko Gogov





Устав на Република Ужупис

1. Човек има право да живее до реката Вилнале, а Вилнале да тече до човекот.
2. Човек има право на топла вода, греење зимно време и керамиден покрив.
3. Човек има право да умре, но тоа не е обврска.
4. Човек има право да греши.
5. Човек има право да биде единствен.
6. Човек има право да љуби.
7. Човек има право да не биде сакан, но не е задолжително.
8. Човекот има право да биде незабележлив и непознат.
9. Човек има право да биде мрзелив и ништо да не прави.
10. Човекот има право да љуби и да се грижи за мачката.
11. Човекот има право да се грижи за куче до крајот на неговиот живот.
12. Кучето има право да биде куче.

13. Мачката не е задолжително да го сака својот домаќин, но во тешки моменти треба да му помага.
14. Човекот има право понекогаш да не знае дали има обврски.
15. Човекот има право да се сомнева, но тоа не е негова обврска.
16. Човекот има право да биде среќен.
17. Човекот има право да биде несреќен.
18. Човекот има право да молчи.
19. Човекот има право да верува.
20. Човек нема право да злоупотребува.
21. Човекот има право да ја разбира својата безначајност и величенственост.
22. Човек нема право да посегнува на вечноста.

23. Човекот има право да разбира.
24. Човекот има право ништо да не разбира.
25. Човекот има право да има различни националности.
26. Човекот има право да слави или да не го слави својот роденден.
27. Човек мора да го запамети своето име.
28. Човек може да го сподели она што го има.
29. Човек не може да го сподели она што нема.
30. Човекот има право да има браќа, сестри и родители.
31. Човек може да биде слободен.
32. Човекот е одговорен за својата слобода.
33. Човекот има право да плаче.
34. Човекот има право да биде погрешно разбран.
35. Човекот нема право да ги обвинува другите.
36. Човекот има право да биде личност.
37. Човекот има право да нема никакви права.
38. Човекот има право да не се плаши.

39. Не победувај.
40. Не се спротиставувај.
41. Не се предавај.


Translated by Mitko Gogov, June 2015