Mar 072013


Photo : I've been given the OK to post photos of blind owl Hedwig - a bird we're attempting to rescue from Afghanistan, for some of our troops there who have been caring for him.  Here he is.   CUTE.Ambassador H.E. Barbara Chepaitis

A Writer’s Day:
1) Walk the dogs – DOGS ARE FILLED WITH JOY!
2) Feed dogs, who are FILLED WITH JOY!
3) Call Department of Defense CENTCOM, to find out how to get a blind owl into the US. Yeah. Really. They are not FILLED WITH JOY.
4) E-mail various other Department of Defense facilities about said blind owl.
5) Take 5 minutes to growl about why owl rescue is so COMPLICATED and not filled with joy.
6) Go to store for bread. Cogitate two novels and one screenplay. Wait. Wait. I know the answer to one. I KNOW IT! EPIPHANY. GREAT JOY! HUMANS ARE FILLED WITH JOY!
7) Go home and lose self inside writing.
8) Aaaah. Pure bliss.