Jan 312013


Ambassador H.E. Anders Hansen

Consul in Blo Caramel H.E. Lars Myhre-Nielsen

pics from the 1-st visit of H.E. Ambassador to Uzhupis in ………


AmbasadaChristianijoje3Ambasada Christianijoje2Ambasada Christianijoje

pics of the opening of the Embassy

now we have a videostreaming channel between Uzhupis and Christiania (click and open in a new tab)


Christiania on the Treshold of Changes (2012)

L1070908Minister of Uzhupis foreign affairs defends Christiania under it’s map in Galoppieret and reads his poem dedicated to Christianians  Tomas Chepaitis Yellow Lights of Waiting


pics of Marius Abramavichius