Jun 122019

Stuttgart is happy to have three Ambassadors of and to Uzhupis Republic. They are:

His Excellency

His Excellency (also Ambassador among european Golfers)

His Excellency (also Ambassador to Italians abroad)

Jun 122019

Ambassador His Excellency Christopher Edwards

in Uzhupis lifelong University H.E. lectures on the Faculties of Golf and Emigrants. He adds his skills to the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Faculty of Historical Future as well.
His specialities are Merging Cultures and the science of hole in ones

His Excellency thinks that the world is a complex place to live and thrive in.
Understanding Golf can help us become better people and accomplish the unaccomplishable. Like hitting a 1 Iron. 

Jun 122019
Ambassador Her Excellency Kaya Kamenarič

In the Uzhupis lifelong University  Ms. Kamenarič is teaching and studying in the Faculty of Unconditional love, happiness, and harmony

Huge Hug with the Foreign Minister in Magnets and Miracles

the worldview H.E. shares with people to make their life brighter is the Unconditional spread of love through hugging.