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Ambassador H.E. Jan-Olav Spiekermann


About Schleswig Holstein in Lithuanian

Šlėzvigas-Holšteinas (vok. Schleswig-Holstein) – žemė pačioje Vokietijos šiaurėje, prie Baltijos ir Šiaurės jūrų. Plotas – 15,8 tūkst. km²; 2,8 mln. gyventojų (2007 m.). Sostinė – Kylis. Istoriniame kontekste Šlėzvigui-Holšteinui taip pat priskiriama dalis pietų Jutlandijos, dabar priklausančios Danijai. Iš viso čia gyvena 3,3 % visos Vokietijos gyventojų. 5,1 % visų gyventojų sudaro kitataučiai, daugiausia turkai ir buvusios Jugoslavijos tautos.



About Kiel


About Lubeck


About Ambassador:

His Excellency Jan-Olav Spiekermann

Emergence of Ambassador

Foreign Minister: Jan Olav wrote me a letter through this website, asking to become an ambassador of Uzupis. I proposed him Schleswig Holstein, wonderful Land, which I only passed once by ferry from Denmark. But in my teen ages I had to go to Kiel for the yachting championship, though was not allowed by Soviet administration to leave the country. They are very interesting people, Danes mixed with Germans, and I hope to visit them some time in future up to the fullest. I remember once we had a delegation from Schleswig Holstein in Uzupis Parliament, leaded by their Foreign Ministress, and we danced with her. It was then I coined the term Uzupis Diplomacy – Diplomacy made During the Dance. So I feel this inauguration is very promising one.






Ambassador’s value




Faculty of Micronations

First proposal new Ambassador added to the history of Uzupis was to create a Faculty of Micronations in the Uzupis University,

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